Who Is DDS?

DDS, best known for his work with Dej Loaf, is a Michigan based music producer. DDS started making beats at the age of 15 using the music production software "Fruity Loops" which is now known as "FL Studio." He would spend hours everyday adding sounds to the drum patterns he had made. Once DDS realized that he was really making music and could get artist on his instrumentals while making a name for himself, the passion and drive for music grew even more. With this strong passion and drive, DDS made beats nearly every day over the years. Some of which were completed, while the others are just ideas, or practice. DDS has managed to complete over 1,000 instrumentals so far. In January of 2014, DDS heard a few tracks that an artist by the name of Dej Loaf had on a mixtape and instantly knew he had to work with her. So he took to Twitter to find a way to get his music to her. After a few tries he finally got in contact with her, and from there they built a working relationship. In the summer of 2014 Dej Loaf released "Try Me" which is a track that DDS produced. Within 2 months "Try Me" went viral, gaining millions of plays on SoundCloud & YouTube. There were thousands of short Instagram clips of people from around the world listening to "Try Me”. Not long after that, remixes of “Try Me” popped up everywhere. Artist such as Wiz Khalifa, Lil’ Wayne, T.I., & Young Jeezy to name a few put out their own remixes of the hot single. “Try Me” went on to become a RIAA Certified Gold Single, while going #1 on urban radio and put DDS on the map. DDS started having artist known and unknown reaching out to him for production. DDS’ work with Dej Loaf continued to hit the air waves. They have a few other singles out including, “We Be On It”, “Me, U, & Hennessy” (Feat. Lil’ Wayne), & “Butterflies”. DDS is a young man who is turning his dream of living off his music into a reality. His music has been heard around the globe and has help gain a global following. This is only the beginning of this music producer’s career.





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Dej Loaf - Try Me